Companions without Borders is an excellent non-profit organization that is dedicated to the well-being of unfortunate animals both in the United States and across the border in Mexico. There are so many feral and stray dogs roaming the countries’ neighborhoods without the resources to ensure their health and safety. Companions without Borders is based in Santa Rosa to carry out their mission in the field of protection and welfare for the care of animals.

Facts about the Companions without Borders

The remarkable not-for-profit organization was funded predominantly by donations, with a large sum received by the Center for Animal Education and Protection, or CAPE.

CAPE was crucial in providing monies in the amount of $750,000 for the purpose of purchasing property to assist the shelter in carrying out its work. Companions without Borders affords animals a brighter future on both sides of the border, Mexico, and the United States. Their programs include local and international dog rescues, humane outreach and education for the public, free veterinary clinics in both Mexico and the U.S.A. along with veterinary training and humane euthanasia programs throughout Mexico. The animal welfare non-profit organization was co-founded by a Ms. Camblor and her husband Moncho in 2001. In addition to the Santa Rosa facility, there is also a bi-lingual mobile clinic known as the Esperanza Truck.

This mobile unit offers free services for pet owners such as spaying, neutering and vaccinating pets.

The triumphant work of the non-profit organization

This fabulous group highlights some of its great work by introducing dogs who have reaped their benefits. Chana is a social and outgoing mutt, excited to see anyone who would show her any attention.

This poor dog lost an eye after she was severely beaten with a metal pole. After medical care, the tan pooch who resembles a healthy dingo was given a temporary home at the newly opened Muttopia shelter in Santa Rosa. The facility was the result of a gift from CAPE by a recently deceased attorney, Lisa Landey. Veterinarian and Director Christi Camblor for Compassion without Borders stated how Ms.

Landey always expressed the need to save the lives of dogs. CAPE honored her wishes through the donation, saving many lives like that of Chana who was rescued in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Camblor has a concern that many folks lose their pets due to lack of funds and because they love their animals, she feels the need to help as many people as possible. There is much more work to be done but will the new facilities and compassionate donations, Camblor is sure she will be able to help more animals and pet owners. As for Chana, who had an abusive owner and grim outlook for the future has someone interested in adopting her and providing her the love and care she deserves.