Anyone who is a Dog owner, whether the pet is young or old witness some of the most adorable behaviors by the animal. Each furry canine companion has its own personality that showcases in the way they play and seek attention from their owner. As cute as they may appear, the Actions of your dog can be telling you something without your awareness that can lead to misinterpretation. There must have been times you wished your dog could speak out what they are feeling or maybe wish you had a dog translator. According to recent studies, there are some seemingly cute animal behaviors that send an alerting message to pet owners, such as actions listed below.

Your dog sits on your feet

Researchers believe that this is an alpha position and that your dog is marking his territory. You are his possession in the pack. On the other hand, if your dog is shy and passive, this behavior can be a way of reassurance that you are there for your pet.

Does your pet bring you gifts?

If your dog either drops a present in your lap or brings you something at the door when you come home, it is often just a way of showing off and hoping to get your attention. Never underestimate your smart little furry companion.

Why does your dog lay on its back with feet up?

Maybe you never thought of your dog as a brilliant thinker, but this position often means that your pet is in deep concentration or thought.

Your dog is definitely an intelligent creature.

Your dog takes over your bed

This is often a common complaint from many pet owners who share their bed with their dogs. You go to sleep, only to find your dog sprawled out in comfort, leaving you very little room. The message with this behavior is that your dog wants to be close to other members of the pack, craving that togetherness and love.

Is there a message when your dog trashes something within the home?

Most often, if your dog trashes something within your home like the couch, bed, pillows or whatever, it is a sign of separation anxiety. Either the pet is fearful you may not return, or there are too many pent energies that needed to come out, or a combination of the two.

This is a common problem with puppies. To work on energies, it is always best to walk your dog before leaving it alone for extended periods of time.

Why your dog yawns

A dog yawns for much the same reason as for humans. It could signify being bored or tired. Maybe a yawn is in response to yours since yawns are contagious but not necessarily unhealthy.

Does your dog lean on you?

If your dog leans against you or your leg, it just signifies that your pet needs reassurance. He or she needs you to reiterate how you feel about your dog to make or pet again feel safe and secure.

Your dog is looking for affection so why not oblige!

Your dog likes to stare you down!

This behavior means nothing more than, your pet adores you with true passion and affection. Your dog trust you completely and there is no other animal more loving and loyal to truly deserve the title of man (and woman’s) best friend.

Beware of your dog hunches over

This may just be a survival instinct when your dog hunches over or tries to make themselves seem invisible. This is especially common in animals that have been abused, needing you to be more patient, kind, gentle and reassuring. Show your pet all the affection he or she deserves.