Lady Gaga is very used to big stages. She wowed all the nation with her inclusive, stirring Super Bowl tribute, proving that she could sing something beautiful for everyone, going from Woody Guthrie to “Bad Romance” and in between. Filling in for Beyoncé at Coachella calls for something beyond a big show, and when the expectant mother of twins had to bow out of the festival to devote herself to nesting for now, the perfect entertainer to take her place was Stephani Germanotta. Lady Gaga proved her depth and gracious heart in many ways this year, and she came through with a big, unexpected surprise midway through her performance onstage, singing “The Cure,” and announcing the song’s release as a closer.

Tender R&B

Some are calling “The Cure” a departure for the singer-songwriter, who grew up cutting her musical chops playing in New York clubs, crossing the spectrum of genres, so it's hardly surprising that the soulful groove and feel of the new song feels good to Mother Monster. She went deeper and more introspective than ever on her “Joanne” album last fall, exploring loss, unrequited love, and social consciousness with reflection so real that her heart beat through every note. The tone of the tune may be different for some ears, but the theme encompasses the same tenderness and healing of songs like “Come To Mama,” “Sinner’s Prayer,” and even the haunting “Angel Down.” The lyrics almost are a plea, “If I can't find the cure, I'll fix you with my love.” Diversion is not an option through the lyrics, because “if you say you're OK, I'm gonna heal you anyway.” The urging pounds its way through that in these times when so many hearts feel lost and confused in this broken world, love can still be healing.

If leaders cannot embrace truth or love, we as humanity still can care for each other. The closing words of “I'll be the cure,” state the duty simply.

Much in common

Besides flair and glamorous costumes, both Beyoncé and Lady Gaga understand using the stage and music for a deeper message. In the past year, both superstars of song have focused on inclusion as a theme.

Lady Gaga even used her dancers for the Super Bowl performance to be a visual portrayal of acceptance for all genders and ethnicities. Beyoncé declared that her wish was that “every child” find a voice through her personal odyssey on “Lemonade” as she accepted her Grammy. Both stand for a loving, yet strong portrait of femininity and both artists delved into heartbreak as part of love on their last albums.

Its no wonder that Lady Gaga gave a nod to R&B in her contemporary in music.

Lady Gaga broke the “secret” of “The Cure” as her gift and announced that the song would be available Tuesday. That's not a bad present, and perhaps one day before too long, Beyoncé can fill-in for an expecting mother Gaga, and return the favor. A song may never be the cure, but it can inspire a start to healing.