Once it became clear that the New England Patriots had completed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history over the Atlanta Falcons, social media quickly went viral over the story. As expected, critics of the Patriots lashed out on Twitter, but so did those who oppose President Donald Trump.

Maher on the Super Bowl

Last Friday, comedian Bill Maher closed his HBO show "Real Time with Bill Maher" with a scathing rant about why he wanted the Atlanta Falcons to defeat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Star quarterback Tom Brady, coach Bill Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft are all good friends with Donald Trump, which has led to politics entering into the big game.

Maher went off on the Patriots, going as far as saying "F**k Tom Brady." As the game came to a close and in its conclusion, Maher voiced his displeasure in a series of social media messages, as seen on his Twitter account on February 5.

The game started off well for the Atlanta Falcons and their fans, with Bill Maher poking fun at the Patriots in the process. "Good to see Belichick writing Trump another fan letter on the sideline. Like the way Falcons just ran over these motherfu**ers," Maher wrote. However, it quickly went down hill once the second half was underway.

"This is looking like Hillary all over again," Bill Maher wrote on Twitter, eluding to the upset win Donald Trump pulled over Hillary Clinton last November.

"They just called Pennsylvania for Julian Edelman. Sh*t!" Maher tweeted, in reference to the wide receiver's big catch. As Tom Brady drove his team down the field to tie it up to end the fourth quarter, Maher continued to voice his frustrations.

"I can't believe they blew that lead.

I blame NFL commissioner James Comey," Bill Maher noted, poking fun at the controversy surrounding FBI Director James Comey during the election. "The smile is back on Tom's face, we made the Super Bowl great again," he tweeted, while also adding, "Please, Jesus, let the Falcons pull this out. I don't ask a lot..."

End of the line

"Can one of u real Americans lend me an OxyContin?" Bill Maher humorously stated. In his final message on the Super Bowl, the liberal comedian took a shot at Falcons' Quarterback and current MVP Matt Ryan. "Look at Ryan, conceding right away just like Hillary," the "Real Time" host wrote, while concluding, "Rigged!!"

Following the game's finish, Donald Trump also took to his Twitter account to offer his praise of the New England Patriots. The new commander in chief referred to the Super Bowl champions as "winners," tweeting from his own party at Mar-A-Largo in Palm Beach, Florida.