Kailyn Lowry has been the talk of the "Teen Mom" franchise since revealing she was pregnant with her third child just months after her divorce from Javi Marroquin was finalized. Her news was leaked and she jumped to her blog to confirm the pregnancy and have her say in how much was revealed publicly. Lowry has taken a lot of heat for this child, especially since she was caught saying she didn't want any more children. In fact, that was a huge issue in her marriage to Marroquin.

Sex tape scandal

Radar Online is reporting that Kailyn Lowry had a threesome with friends and the footage was taken on a cell phone.

It was a blind item circulating around the internet for a few weeks and recently, Lowry's name was paired with it. While it is unclear if it is true, the site that handles the blind items is reportedly run by lawyers and only reveals which "Teen Mom" star the news is about after it has been confirmed. Kailyn says it didn't happen, but her haters believe it did.

There has been a lot of talk about who fathered the baby Kailyn Lowry is carrying. Chris Lopez is the name that has been circulating around social media and he has even been mentioned in a few posts made by Lowry. Recently, she admitted her "baby is definitely black" in a tweet. There have also been insinuations about how much she likes "chocolate" as well.

Every possible hint leads to Lopez. Talk about a reconciliation for the sake of the baby has also been mentioned but "Teen Mom 2" fans know how Kailyn feels about being "tied down" in a relationship.

Another book on the way

On top of the possible sex tape being talked about, Kailyn Lowry is writing a book about this pregnancy.

She seems to believe that people want to know about what she is going through. Lowry has mentioned that the baby daddy will be discussed but not named. His entire existence is mysterious, and she is eating up the fact that the media and fans want to know who he is. Chris Lopez reportedly tweeted about his "miracle baby" but it has since been deleted.

The next season of "Teen Mom 2" is one fans are looking forward to watching. While it hasn't been officially confirmed, it is assumed there will be more for fans to see. Kailyn Lowry announcing her pregnancy and having a third baby daddy just amped up possible ratings, and the network will eat it up. She is due sometime late summer or early fall, which should fall in line with the end of filming if another season has been ordered.