President Donald trump has followed through on one thing in his 100 days — he skipped the White House correspondents' dinner on Saturday night. In late February, Trump tweeted that he wouldn't be attending the dinner this year, making him the first US President since Ronald Reagan (1981) to skip the event.

Trump calls out journalists during rally

Although he made good on his promise to skip the White House correspondents' dinner, Trump spend much of the night talking about it. He repeatedly referenced "fake news" and "out of touch" journalists during his speech at a rally in Harrisburg, PA.

on Saturday.

The rally that was held to celebrate his 100th day in office, but it sounded more like a campaign rally, something Trump seems to love much more than being the POTUS. After all, he told Reuters that his new job is really hard.

Trump says being the POTUS isn't as easy as he thought

Running the United States is no easy task. President Trump knows that now that he's been in office for 100 days. He tells Reuters that he once thought his old life was hard until he became the President of the United States. And he's a bit upset that he can't drive and doesn't like that has very little privacy. Apparently, he didn't read the POTUS rule book before he took office.

"I loved my previous life.

I had so many things going," Trump told Reuters."This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier."

100 days and he's still taking shots at the media

There were rumors that President Trump didn't attend the White House correspondents' dinner because he didn't want to hear anyone tell jokes about him. Trump is widely known to be a bit thin-skinned, so when he announced in February that he would not attend the dinner it wasn't all that shocking.

So, what better way to spend the night than to talk about the very people he skipped out on? Trump told the crowd that gathered at his rally in Harrisburg that the media should get a "big, fat, failing grade" due to their coverage of his first 100 days.

He went on to say the was "thrilled" that he was more than 100 miles away from Washington.

But that's something Trump does on a regular basis on the weekends, taking at least seven trips to his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, since he was sworn in as President.

In addition to being "thrilled" because he was far away from D.C., trump told rally attendees that "Hollywood actors and Washington media" would be "consoling themselves" at a "very boring" White House correspondents' dinner on Saturday night.