On Monday's episode of "General Hospital," it was confirmed that Alexis has not been hallucinating. Her guilty conscience has not been getting the better of her. She is not certifiable. Her husband, Julian Jerome is alive and well. A few months ago, Julian was shot on a bridge by his crazy older sister Olivia Jerome. Julian fell over the bridge, but no body was ever found, and there were no reports that William DeVry was leaving "GH."

Alexis in torment

Since the alleged murder of Mr. Jerome, Alexis has been in torment. She has cried, been depressed, and started drinking again.

Pondering that the love of her life may truly be gone, Alexis had to admit to herself that she really did love her spouse. Her children, however, have been very judgmental. Her daughter Sam is Julian's biological child. Even so, Sam has let it be known that she has no sympathy for her father. All she can see is the hurt he has inflicted upon her mother.

Alexis' other two daughters, Molly and Christina also have been harsh regarding their stepdad. Christina has a "burn him at the stake" attitude. She will not even entertain the truth, which is that her mother and Julian truly loved each other. Molly has been somewhat more understanding of her mother's conflicted feelings. All three daughters would like to see Alexis move on, and leave Julian in the past.

They are hoping he remains dead.

Julian returns

On Monday Alexis was at the dock, pondering her life, when she spots her dead husband. Tuesday's show opened with the two reuniting. The chemistry between this couple is intense. They have a steamy reunion. making love as if it were the last time. It very well could be. After they give in to their passion, Alexis tells Julian all the reasons they cannot be together.

They make love again, with the understanding that this is goodbye. Unknown to the couple, Sam has tracked her mother's cell phone. The police knock on the door, and announce that Julian is under arrest. Mr. Jerome looks at his daughter, knowing that she is the one who turned him in.

Julian's arrest could mean one of two things.

He may be prosecuted and go to jail, never to be seen again, like T.J.'s dad Sean. It also could mean that a situation may take place that will allow Mr. Jerome to redeem himself. This happened to his enemy, Sonny Corinthos. Spoiler alerts are giving no clue whether Julian returned only for closure, or if he well remain in Port Charles. Fans will have to watch and see which way it goes.