Last night, we got the new preview/spoiler clip in from the ABC folks for their upcoming "Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD" episode 19 of the current season 4. It definitely delivers some extra details that we were looking for. Apparently, Daisy and May will finally partner back up in the framework. However, Fitz appears that he will just keep getting even worse and worse, trying to kill the SHIELD crew. It's total madness. There's major shootout scenes that are shown, and a whole lot more!

Destabilize Hydra

The new clip, starts off, showing us a scene that features a news report on Skye aka Daisy, saying that her goal is to destabilize Hydra from within.

Ward is seen, watching the news report with a look of shock on his face. Then there's a scene that shows Daisy in action with May. They appear to finally be working together again inside this crazy,twisted framework world that evil Aida has created. They're seen, firing off a ton of gunshot rounds at Aida at one point!

Kissing Jemma's hand

Next, we get a look at some scenes that features Fitz in action. He's seen, kissing Jemma's hand at one point, and saying that betrayal will not be tolerated. After that, they give us a new look at Coulson in action with May, Daisy and Jemma. He says, the Patriot's death could really cause some major problems. Next we get a scene where it's revealed that Fitz is being made the new head of Hydra!

From there, they show some heavy, action-filled scenes. Major gunshots are seen, getting fired during some car chase footage. Daisy and company are spotted firing back.

He wants them dead

Then, we see Fitz spotted back in action, shouting that he wants them dead, referencing the SHIELD crew. Wow! It really looks like it's going to take a whole lot to get Fitz to snap out of this crazy, framework reality.

They really did a number on him. No doubt about that. Will they ever be able to get Fitz back? It certainly doesn't look like that will happen in this episode. We're expecting to see ,at least, one or two more sneak peek clips get released before next Tuesday night, so we'll see what extra intel those have to offer.

As previously reported, ABC did serve up an official synopsis for this episode, which revealed that Daisy will be teaming up with a highly unlikely ally in the framework.

And judging from the clip, that unlikely person, turns out to be May. Apparently, she will somehow, make her realize that this framework reality is, indeed, fake. It also mentioned that Aida is going to prep for a huge end game that she's trying to set in motion. The new episode 19 is due to show up next Tuesday night, April 25th,2017 at 9pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.