Joy-Anna Duggar will be the next Duggar girl to get married, and now fans are already curious about her future Plans. IB Times shared that she might not be married to Austin just yet, but Joy-Anna is sharing her thoughts on what her future plans are for babies and more.

How soon does Joy-Anna Duggar want children?

Joy Duggar talked to Crown of Beauty Magazine and was asked for her plans for the next few years. She said, "Lord willing, I will be married and a mother." It does sound like Joy-Anna has plans to have a baby sooner rather than later. Most of the Duggar girls start having babies right away, which has everyone wondering how soon Jinger will announce she is pregnant since she just got married.

Joy hasn't shared her exact Wedding Date with her fans yet, but she already has a wedding registry done. It has a date on it, but that is Joy's birthday, and it looks like it is just a date so they could do the registry and not an actual wedding date. You can assume that they won't be waiting too long to tie the knot, but they aren't sharing just when it will be yet. The fans can't wait to see the wedding because you know that TLC will be there with the video cameras on their big day so everyone can see it.

When it comes to getting married, Joy-Anna also shared a bit more about her relationship. She said, "Through my single years and coming into my relationship with Austin I learned to number one, TRUST the Lord.

And number two, that God works through the authority He’s placed in my life." She seems really happy with Austin and ready to get married and start having babies right away. The couple is doing well, and the fans can't wait to see them together on "Counting On" next season.

Are you surprised to hear that Joy-Anna Duggar wants children so fast?

Do you think she will be a mother soon? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns this summer to TLC. This is when fans will get the details about Joy-Anna's wedding and when it is going to happen probably.