Josh Duggar has been dealing with a huge sex scandal for a while now, and now that his wife Anna is pregnant again, everyone thought they had worked it all out. It turns out that Josh is actually still in counseling and working hard on making sure he stays on track. He went to rehab back in 2016, but Josh is still sticking with counseling just to make sure that he doesn't relapse into his old ways.

What is Josh Duggar doing now to make sure he is on track?

A source shared the details saying, "Josh is still in counseling after his rehab stay for sex addiction.

He is going to a family pastor." He isn't actually seeing a doctor, though. Instead, Josh is just going to someone for counseling. It is actually a type of religious counseling.

Everyone was shocked that Josh and Anna didn't announce a pregnancy for two years. It turns out that there is a reason that they didn't get pregnant right away, though. Josh and Anna Duggar were actually not having sex at all after his time in rehab. Obviously, they are now, but at first, it was not something they were doing.The source shared that it was a waiting period after rehab. At first, Josh and Anna were only allowed to have hugs and kisses. They had to wait to have sex for quite a while. That is why she didn't get pregnant right away.

The source went on to share that Anna Duggar is doing well with her pregnancy right now, but she is having some other issues. Josh is working again as a used car salesman, and it sounds like things are not going well for her. The source said that Josh isn't helping much with the kids and she is having to take care of all four of them on her own.

For a while, Anna lived with Josh's family and had a lot of help from the girls, but she isn't there now. Of course, they probably still help but she isn't living with them like she was so that makes it a lot harder having four kids and being pregnant.

Another thing that the source shared was that Anna Duggar won't be appearing on the show "Counting On" much anymore.

This is a bit surprising because the fans have really enjoyed getting to see her and want updates on her pregnancy. They also like getting the chance to see her children on the show. Josh not being on the show is okay, but fans do want to see Anna there.

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