Prince Harry recently opened up about the emotional trauma of losing his mom at an early age. According to reports, his girlfriend Meghan Markle may have encouraged him to break the royal protocol of not divulging too many personal issues in public.

The American actress may have encouraged the Prince to open up about his mental health. It was revealed that Prince Harry has sought to counsel after two years of chaos after the death of Princess Diana in 1997. The royal prince was just 12 years old at that time.

Markle helped Prince Harry let go of the stiff upper lip culture

Royal sources point out to the “Suits” actress being responsible for his actions. Though he comes from the stiff-upper-lip culture, Markle has helped him open up his emotions to everyone. According to Closer magazine, Prince Harry feels for the 35-year-old actress because she is so open. Her American attitude of talking about feelings has rubbed on to the royal prince even if they have just been dating for less than a year.

No other woman has helped Prince Harry emotionally as much as his girlfriend right now. She has made him see that by opening up his feelings during a difficult situation, he can be an inspiration to others going through the same experience.

The younger brother of Prince William hit the headlines when he admitted that he ignored his grief over Princess Diana’s death. He only addressed it when he was on the point of punching someone later in his life.

Not only did Markle help him open up about his past, but she is also reported to have helped him feel at ease in front of cameras for the first time.

Sources said that she had made him into a different, but better, person. The three royals, Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, spearhead the Heads Together campaign encouraging people to talk about their mental health.

Is a royal wedding expected soon?

Prince Harry and girlfriend Markle is rumored to announce their engagement soon as the American actress is reported to be already accepted into the royal family.

Her name is allegedly on the Kensington Palace gates, and royal guards no longer subject her to extensive screening processes. Some might say this is equivalent to giving the girlfriend the key to the apartment.

According to Daily Mail, Markle has filed a time off filming for “Suits” next month to fly to England for the wedding of Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Pippa Middleton. Rumors suggest that the next season of the legal drama might be her last.