The "19 Kids and Counting" alum Josh Duggar has been grappling with his life after his scandals broke. While he was ostracized for molesting his sisters and babysitter, his depravity was highlighted even more so with his Ashely Madison account, a hook-up site for spouses looking to cheat. Yeah. Duggar had a rough year in 2015, but his wife Anna Keller and four children suffered the consequences of his actions. However, he was supposedly sent to a rehabilitation center to receive treatment. Was his time away from loved ones helpful, or was his stay pointless?

Here's a look at his progress (or lack thereof) since he moved back home.

A Duggar under construction

Duggar and Keller announced that they were expecting their fifth child, so their baby boy is due in 2017. His family and friends seemed really excited about their announcement, and the former lobbyist was featured on his family's Facebook page. They were also active on their own blog; they were eager to share their heartfelt news with their fans. "For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives together as a family. We've learned that a life of faith and rebuilding a life together is simply done one day at a time," they relayed.

While nobody knows what's going on behind closed doors, they're saying that they're in a healthier relationship. Unless another scandal breaks, people will just have to believe their words. Hopefully, they really are happier. Their children deserve their parents in a kind, compassionate, caring, and loving state.

A Duggar about to crack?

Photos of Duggar have resurfaced online, and people are concerned for the Christian and his brood. He appears to be in a slovenly state, and he looks very depressed. A picture's worth a thousand words, and Duggar's unkempt beard, pot belly, and sloppy attire point to underlying issues unaddressed. He could be self-medicating with food, so he would be trading in one addiction for another addiction.

If he's unhealthy mentally and physically, then he's in no state to care for himself, not to mention his wife, four children, and a baby on the way. It will be interesting to see what changes are made (if any) once the new addition arrives.