Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are plagued with controversy. There is never a dull moment in their lives. Every single post or photo they share is heavily scrutinized by critics. The Duggars have been in the public eye for several years and were recently renewed for another season.

Safety first

The photo that is under scrutiny now is one that features the younger Duggar daughters. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared a photo on their official Facebook page of the younger children with their bikes on a dirt road. While that may seem harmless to most, the safety police were out in full force.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Duggar haters were out slamming the parents for not insisting the children wear helmets.

On top of the headgear issues, they also voiced concern over the little girls wearing long dresses and flip flops. The Duggar women and girls are required to dress modestly and keep everything on their body covered. Of course they would be wearing long dresses or skirts, even when they play. In fact, Jessa Duggar is due to speak next week in Ohio about how to dress fashionably and modest at the same time.

The consequences of scandal

The Duggar Family has always had critics but after the events in 2015, more and more jumped on the bandwagon. Josh Duggar caused Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar a lot of grief.

He publicly shamed the family by admitting he was an adulterous man while his wife was pregnant with baby number four. Just weeks before the Ashley Madison scandal broke it was also revealed that he had molested four of his sisters and a fifth victim was also included but not directly related to the Duggars. All of this has put a spotlight on the family, one that has intensified everything they say and do.

There has been no comment from Jim Bob or Michelle Duggar on the safety issues that were brought up on Facebook. It was mostly for a reason to bash the family instead of actually being concerned. The children have grown up doing typical outdoor things, including riding bikes. Fans aren't expecting anything to be said by the family as they usually ignore the unpleasant comments and avoid responding.

Another day and another controversy for the Duggar family. They have gotten used to the comments from the critics, especially after the Josh Duggar scandals broke in 2015. A lot has changed over the last two years and the fact that the children didn't have helmets on was just another way for critics to get at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.