Jonathan Demme is dead at 73. A giant of films, a great fan of music, and a person who could create perfection amid the tensions of existence. If you do not know him, get to know him. Follow the links in the tweets below and do your own searching. There is a lot out there. Demme died at his home in New York City. He had had cancer for several years. He did not become a great director by going to great directors school. He worked his way into film and started with wonderful, sardonic movies like "Melvin and Howard". Anyone who saw that knew. Not Frank Capra.

Not Peston Sturges. No. Jonathan Demme.

He directed the Oscar-winning "Silence Of The Lambs". He practically did a documentary of rock and roll. See the second tweet below and visit Paste for a lovely page filled with access to Demme's music portfolio.

Demme as rock and roll historian

First love

Demme said,“Music was my first love, movies came second,” He was interviewed by the now-defunct Premiere magazine. , “I grew up with rock ’n’ roll — literally, The first rock song I remember was ‘Sh-Boom,’ and since then I’ve never stopped obsessing on at least something.”

Single payer lives

Single payer is government health insurance with no insurance companies between us and health care.

So you know it will cause a fight. But it is the only truly economical way to get past the continuing, acrimonious battle that has been taking place forever. It might be the basis for a grand bargain. We will do some regulations with you and maybe something else if you will do Single Payer. Medicaid is single payer. It is not perfect.

But let everyone have care and then if people have the resources they can get whatever they want besides.

Whatever the fate of "The Handmaids Tale" I am ready to give it an Academy Award for settings and costumes.

The images I have seen on Twitter are transfixing. This is not the most transfixing of all but it leads to an interview that may be of interest


Triadicity is related in my mind to the ongoing series on Blasting News regarding cybercommunities. The essential philosophy is simple. Instead of thinking of things as either or, you think in terms of three things or steps. For example, if you are thinking health care you do not think Obamacare versus Trumpcare you think health. Then you think of values that might relate to health. Then you think of actions and expressions that might make sense. You might end up with single payer as better than either. Cybercommunities would agree.