Cybercommunities are a bundle of insights and principles that turn today's thinking inside out. We think to do anything we need to set up a corporate structure with lawyers and such and follow fixed procedures to some end. Cybercommunities are the rules and understandings we need to forge the world that operates on the only values that actually account for any progress we have made since time began to unfold.

Those values are Tolerance which combines great strength with remarkable flexibility. Tolerance has been a fundamental basis of good community.

Helpfulness is a complementary value that means, in the lexicon of cybercommunities, enablement and education. What truly helps enables. What does not enable does not help. Then there is democracy which embraces every right that is universal and upbuilding and operates by the considered sense of the community. These are the active values and they interact with each other to provide a basis for the consideration of what is good in any actual situation or context.

The video above is a case study of why cybercommunities are relevant to now.

The video is about taking care of ourselves and it counsels a more healthy lifestyle with particular reference to the harm sugar can do in terms of causing obesity. The video also speaks of the delivery of health services. The principles of cybercommunities come into play. Here are a few of them.

1. Cybercommunities are walkable areas.

They are car free. They can have a population of up to 10,000 on three or four levels, but they do not have cars or dangerous traffic. They therefore automatically counter both lassitude and the lack of exercise.

2. Cybercommunities see health in terms of the accessibility of help of all sorts. Cybercommunities are divided into gatherings of some 300 persons and each group of this number will have healthcare available within it.

And each of these mini-cities will be able to call on other resources as needed, up to the most advanced.

3. In a cybercommunity, there is a welcome to all regardless of any seeming difference or any sort. But there is also a commitment of those who are able to make it to the principle which the video above states very simply. It is taking care of oneself.

Cybercommunities are on the verge of coming into being as cooperative residential and work and recreational and commercial entities. They are integral. They are what we Decide they will be. The values that enable this consensus are noted above.