When you think of the Duggar Family of "Counting On," you don't think of tattoos at all. This family is very religious, and that is just something they don't do. A lot of people don't realize that Jeremy Vuolo actually has a tattoo of his own. In Touch Weekly shared the details about the tattoo that Jeremy usually keeps hidden. He may not be a Duggar, but Jeremy is now a part of this family and is married to Jinger.

Details of Jeremy's tattoo revealed

Jeremy Vuolo has admitted to being a bit wild in his younger days. He did attend college and admitted that he did some drinking during that time in his life.

He was even arrested and charged with harassing a police officer back in 2008. Jeremy ended up spending a night in jail for it and had to pay a $250 fine. This was way before he had anything to do with Jinger Dugar, who is now his wife.

Jeremy recently spoke out about his past issues. He said, "I was part of the college party scene and was living foolishly. I’m not perfect, but I sought out accountability and I now see great victory in my life.” Jeremy Vuolo now works as a preacher in Texas and is very religious.

Jeremy has a tattoo on his arm that he doesn't show off very often, but it has shown a few times when he has on a t-shirt. It is on his upper arm on the inside. You can't see what the tattoo says, but there has been some talk that maybe it is a scripture of some kind.

It is on Jeremy's right arm.

The Duggar family likes to do things different than other people. When it comes to dating, they actually do courting instead. They don't kiss until they are married and don't even hold hands until they are engaged. Jeremy and Jinger did things this way as well.

The thing is Jinger Vuolo has changed a bit since she got married to Jeremy as well.

She has been spotted wearing shorts in one picture and pants in another picture. Everyone is wondering if she has changed the way she is living now that she is on her own and not under Jim Bob Duggar's rules.

Maybe someday in the future, Jeremy Vuolo will talk to fans about what his tattoo is and give the the story behind it.

For now, he is staying quiet, and fans are just speculating what it says and why he has it. The fans are just going to have to keep wondering what is going on.

Are you shocked to hear that Jeremy Vuolo has a tattoo? What do you think that Jim Bob Duggar thinks of that? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns to TLC this summer.