Hayden Panettiere has had so much to overcome in Season 5 on “Nashville,” and the season is only halfway done. There's been surviving the plane crash, learning to walk again, losing Rayna, and putting together her life again. The beautiful and brave actress and mom portray Juliette Barnes on the Music City drama, and it’s been one trauma after another through recent episodes, so it’s no wonder that she wants to make her beautiful home in Nashville a place of respite from the turmoil of life on set with her character. She described some favorite features and allowed People Magazine to show some of her most personal and unique design secrets.

A home for everyone

Juliette Barnes came to her white, ultra modern look mansion on “Nashville” as a temporary choice a couple of seasons back, but for Hayden Panettiere, husband, pro boxer Wladimir Klitschko, and daughter, Kaya, 2, every room that surrounds them has reminders of home, history, and the life they share together. “This isn't just a house-- it's a home,” she affirms. Every member of the family is part of creating that sense of magic, stirred with Hayden’s passions and style. There is space for study, nature, cuddles, Kaya’s play-- there's even a place to rock out.

These walls truly do speak

The master suite is flooded with light and softness, thanks to a huge bay window and comfy pillows.

“It's what I need after a long days work,” confesses Hayden. There is always time for snuggling up with Kaya in the floral print chair with matching chase. The beautiful and busy mom says she can even fit into her daughter's toddler-sized bed. Precious mom and daughter time is especially meaningful for Hayden Panettiere, because of her courageous confrontation with her bouts of postpartum depression, which were even written into the storylines for her character.

She has become a beacon of hope and honest recovery for millions of moms who face the same condition, with plenty of boundless love for their babies, but not a trace of will or ability to respond to the day. The openness with which the star shared repeated stays in treatment inspired strength in many more moms to seek treatment for the first time.

It's clear that light, life, and hope echo through her home.

A cozy, colorful living room invites relaxed time or reading. Hayden is a lifelong animal activist, and issues of National Geographic from the 60s and 70s fill shelves, along with rustic logs. As a present for her hubby, a music room was created above the garage, and the couple has personal stashes of his and her guitars. The kitchen is modern, illuminated by globes of light, while the dining room has a fixture that “kind of looks like a sea urchin,” explains Panettiere. She purposely designed the mood with Benjamin Vandiver, who also designed Connie Britton’s home, to evoke her love of the ocean.

The most formal area is a sitting room, and it's hard not to notice the bright yellow, extremely high-backed chairs selected especially in color and style by the 6-foot five-inch Klitschko. A guest might be swallowed up by what the athlete considers a cozy sit! Now that “Nashville” is assured of Season 6, Hayden Panettiere and her family can stay put for a long time into their future.