James Huling and Natalie Negrotti met each other on "Big Brother 18, " and the two seemed like a great couple. They dated for a while after the show, but they have split since then. Now news is coming out about a few random things that went down during their relationship and after. James actually went live to share the exact details and fans are shocked.

What really went down between Natalie and James?

James Huling shared that they actually broke up a long time ago, but he promised her that he would help out when the fans were hard on her. James is over that now, though.

He actually got a letter from her that was a cease and desist. When this went down, James decided that he wasn't going to be quiet anymore and he was going to share his exact thoughts on what went down between them. He isn't holding back at all.

He actually said that she probably cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend who works for the Knicks. James went on and on to talk about her. James Huling said their relationship wasn't great from the start and that Natalie would make up excuses to not see him. It really does sound like things were not near as good as they made it look for fans. He even said that Natalie thought he made troll accounts to harass her online, but that wasn't true at all. She also accused him of taking pics of her phone and releasing them online.

These two did seem like they had a great relationship, but Natalie Negrotti and James Huling have moved on from each other. She is posting saying that allegations against her aren't true and he is bashing her on social networks. So far, Natalie isn't really bashing James the way that he has done to her. James did admit that things are ugly between them.

This all comes out after James shared that Natalie sent him the cease and desist letter. He actually launched a GoFundMe campaign that was for her family and there have been some accusations that Natalie used the money herself instead of sending it to her family. James did give the money to Natalie, but what she did with it after that nobody knows for sure.

Natalie did say, "For all false allegations made against me here is a letter from my attorneys. Justice will prevail with EVERY allegation with legal action." She isn't happy at all.

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