As Donald Trump completes his first 100 Days in the White House, critics have made sure to point out all the negatives that have come out of the administration. Though many have been vocal in their opposition, actor George Takei has amped up his criticism against the commander in chief.

Takei on Trump

The first three months of Donald Trump's presidency has been marred by constant controversy, with each day providing new headlines that have reflected negatively on the White House. For the former host of "The Apprentice," that controversy has carried over from his campaign that dominated the news cycle an provided the people a candidacy that was unlike any other in American history.

Since the election, Trump's approval ratings have hit a wall and seen a sharp decline, dropping to around 40 percent in the most recent round of polling. Those numbers reflect the negative feelings that the majority of Americans have about the administrations in it's first 100 days, despite Trump doing his best to spin the news in a positive direction. While Trump is preparing for the next chapter in his presidency, George Takei decided to give his thoughts during a series of Twitter messages on April 29.

Taking to his official Twitter account on Saturday was George Takei, who has not been shy about his opposition to Donald Trump.

"Today Donald signed an exec order opening the Arctic and Atlantic to oil drilling. Because of course he did," Takei tweeted out. "And on the 100th day, Trump still accomplished nothing, but he looked around, decided things were good, and went for a round of golf," Takei wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Not stopping there, George Takei then gave a reminder about the White House removing information about the Environmental Protection Agency from their official website a day before the Climate March protest.

"1 day before the #climatemarch, Trump administration removed climate change pages from the @EPA website," he wrote, before noting, "This is your government on Trump."

Takei's take

Moving forward, George Takei sent out even more messages on Twitter, pushing forward with his criticism.

"Remember, Donald's failed #Trump100Days is because of you: You marched, you called, you resisted," he noted, while adding,, "Let's keep it up for the next 100." "Donald calls our system of government 'archaic' & 'bad for our country,'" Takei wrote, while concluding, "Literally blaming the founding fathers for his failed #Trump100days."