James Huling and Natalie Negrotti met on "Big Brother, " and this couple fell in love. They stayed together after the show was over even though they don't live right next to each other. They have constantly been posting about seeing each other and how things are going. Now James has shared a post on his Instagram page that has everyone a bit confused about what is going on with these two. It sounds like James and Natalie might be over with, but still friends.

Could James and Natalie be over?

One day ago James Huling went to his Instagram and shared a picture with Natalie.

They are cuddled up to each other. He shared a very cryptic caption on the post, though. It talks about how great of a time they had recently going to events and then went on to call Natalie his best friend. After that James said something that has the fans really wondering. He said, "no matter what happens in life she will always be a part of my life. I've been blessed to have her by my side. She's taught me a lot about myself. I'm so thankful. I wish her all the best in life. #bestfriend #life #positivevibes #thankfulWe will always be #Jatalie."

Now Natalie Negrotti hasn't posted on her Instagram page since this post was made by James. She has been quiet, nd now everyone is wondering what is going on, but James isn't replying to the fans and telling them either.

It really does sound like they are done, though.

Natalie has been on her Twitter account, though. She replied to one fan and made it sound like they might have split as well, but she didn't say exactly what was going on. She also said that they will always be Jatalie. James and Natalie have not put out any kind of statement and everyone is just going to have to wait on them to reveal what is going on for sure.

Do you think that James Huling and Natalie Negrotti are over? Do you feel like these two should work it out? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Don't miss "Big Brother" when it returns to television next summer. You never know what relationship will come out of this show.