James Huling and Natalie Negrotti met on "big brother 18" and seemed like a great couple. They were together for quite a while after the show ended and rumors even came out that they were engaged due to a practical joke that Natalie shared online. Now it turns out that these two aren't getting along at all and James went to his Twitter to share that she actually sent him a Cease and Desist.

What went down between Natalie and James?

James launched a GoFundMe campaign for Natalie’s family in Venezuela that allegedly raised over $5,000. James didn't give the money to her family but instead gave it straight to Natalie planning on her taking care of it.

A lot of people have asked Natalie for details about where the money went, but she won't answer them and even blocks them for asking. People feel like they have a right to know where the money went, especially if they sent money in for the cause.

There have been rumors about what Natalie used the money for and that it wasn't for her family, but nobody can confirm that at all. James went to his Twitter today and shared that she sent him this cease and desist letter. He even shared a picture of it on his page. They even want him to retract the statements he made and take them off social media. It doesn't sound like James has big plans to do that right now, though. Along with the picture, James said "I made that 30 min Rant after I got a visit from the mail man.

Of course I'm going to Rant on. Plus her (family lawyer told me to do so.) "

Natalie Negrotti also went to her Twitter and shared about it all. She said, "For all false allegations made against me here is a letter from my attorneys. Justice will prevail with EVERY allegation with legal action." It is very obvious that Natalie is upset.

Along with it, she shared a photo showing that she allegedly has receipts and records to prove that the money went to her family as promised.

It doesn't look like Natalie and James are ever going to work through their issues and get along. Things are not going well between them right now, but they may decide to put it all behind them at some point and at least stop arguing with each other nonstop.

This split was not a good one for the couple from "Big Brother 18."

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