“iZombie” fans will be happy to know that a renewal for Season 4 already looks likely. The viewer ratings have been strong for the midseason show, with 0.4 million from the demographic tuning in. It also helps that the CW doesn’t just look at the ratings and will consider other figures to determine cancellation or renewal.

Only a handful of CW shows left to make a decision on

Most of the CW shows have already had a decision made. The majority of them have been renewed, including “Supernatural,” “Arrow,” and freshman show “Riverdale.” Only two are coming to an official end so far, and fans knew about the cancellations before the shows even started.

“The Vampire Diaries” wrapped up with its series finale last month. “Reign” season 4 is the last for the show, with the series finale likely in either May or June. Only “The Originals,” “iZombie,” “Frequency,” and “No Tomorrow” need a decision to be made. The latter two are likely to be cancelled.

Ratings for 'iZombie' season 3 are lower

It shouldn’t be too surprising that the ratings for “iZombie” season 3 were lower than the second season. This is extremely common with TV Shows. The longer the shows go on, the fewer people tune in. The only reason “The Vampire Diaries” saw a spike this year was because it was the final season. “The Originals” is an anomaly with a spike this season, possibly because fans worry about it being cancelled.

Despite lower ratings, they’re not too low for the CW network. The 0.40 million is around where “The Originals” was last year. It was renewed and moved to a different timeslot. It’s also around where the show is now for ratings, and looks set for a fifth season. This means good news for “iZombie.”

“The 100” has already been renewed for season 5.

That currently has lower ratings than “iZombie,” but was confirmed last month for another year. This is more good news for the zombie program. Likewise, “Riverdale” is gaining about the 0.40 million and has been renewed for a second season, and “Jane the Virgin” is gaining around 0.36 million but has been confirmed for a renewal.

Viewers need to keep tuning in

It is unlikely that a decision will be made before May about the future for “iZombie.” Fans need to keep tuning in live to keep the renewal hopes alive. Tweeting on the day of the program will also help, as the top trending hashtags are often taken into consideration, especially by the CW.

The CW also usually gives its shows 60 episodes for streaming purposes. “iZombie” will have 45 episode by the end of the season, so it will likely be renewed to add more to the total.