Netflix's new show "13 Reasons Why" has been an instant hit with viewers. Discussions of the show's thirteen episodes can be found all over social media right now, and everyone is wondering the same thing: "Are we getting a second season?" While all of the story lines from the book were covered in the first season, the writers introduced plenty of plot points that could sustain the show should they decide to continue it. Let's take a look at some of the routes the show could take from here on out.

A school shooting storyline

"13 Reasons Why" has proven that they don't shy away from the tough stuff.

They handled Hannah Baker's suicide in the most realistic way possible in the first season's finale, intending to call attention to the incredibly painful aspect of the act she was committing. If any show were able to do a shooting episode, and do it right, it would be this one, and the groundwork is there. It was revealed in season one's final hour that Tyler has a large collection of guns hiding in his room. It's anyone's guess what he is planning on doing with them, but the photographs he has collected of the main characters give us a pretty big hint.

Hannah Baker 2.0

It was revealed in the show's final moments that Tyler has shot himself in the head and is barely holding on to life. Is it possible he left his own set of reasons why?

Maybe he made tapes, like Hannah, or maybe he chose some other form for his last messages. Either way, season two could follow the same format as season one, telling the story of who and what influenced Tyler to make this tragic decision.

The Trial(s)

The lawsuit against the school did not get a conclusion, and although we can predict that Hannah's family will win (in light of the new evidence), season two could easily be centered around these legal proceedings.

Lawsuits such as the one depicted are complicated, and it will certainly take time to justify an entire season devoted to it.

Another trial that could take place, possibly alongside the Baker's, is Jessica's rape trial. She will presumably be pressing charges against Bryce for the events that occurred at her party, and with Clay's recordings, she will definitely have a case.

It would be satisfying for audiences to see a season-long storyline about Bryce finally getting what he deserves.

A focus on Tony

Of all the characters involved with Hannah's tapes, Tony is the one we know the least about. It is still unclear exactly how he and Hannah became close enough for her to trust him with her final wishes. A second season could easily focus on Tony, with flashbacks detailing the story of his relationship with Hannah. This would also be a great way for the show to continue to utilize Katherine Langford, the talented actress who plays Hannah.

With all of the above plot points left hanging, it seems more than likely that Netflix is planning a second season of "13 Reasons Why." For now they have yet to release any information regarding continuing the show, so it will be a while before we have any indication about how the above story lines will play out. Until then, all we can do is plan another rewatch!

All episodes of "13 Reasons Why" are now streaming on Netflix.