'"Into the Badlands" continues to offer up more spectacular fight scenes each episode as Sunny continues to try and find a way out into the Badlands so he and Veil can escape with their baby and finally be free. In the previous episode, Sunny traveled to the Junkyard to get the transportation he needed to finally leave and take his family to safety. Along the way, he acquired a doll and her daughter, and he and Bajie barely escaped the Junkyard after a major fight scene.

Lydia fails to assassinate Quinn

In the latest chapter, Leopard Stalks the Snow, Quinn finds Lydia and her Clippers outside his hideout.

He slaughters the Clippers who are still alive. Veil has also escaped with her baby, and they are in the forest. Sunny finds the Healer and takes Portia the doll to him so that he can heal her. Quinn sends out a patrol to find Veil while Lydia taunts him after he takes her into custody. She is on a mission to avenge Ryder after Quinn murdered him. Quinn gives her a dagger and gives her the chance to kill him. Can she do it?

The Healer saves Portia and offers thanks to Sunny for saving her. He offers Sunny anything he needs to help him escape. Sunny asks for gasoline and passage through the wall. The Widow continues to make plans to align with Quinn. Tilda tells her story to Odessa and how the Widow killed the Baron for what he was doing to Tilda.

Odessa agrees to stay, but not for the Widow. Instead, she says she wants to be with Tilda. Veil returns to the Widow and seeks sanctuary. After Veil tells her where he is, the Widow sends a note to Quinn for a secret meeting

Sunny goes in search of M. K. to bring him back

M. K. is nearly killed after he escapes from the Abbotts.

Ava saves him, but it is unclear if they are returning to the Abbotts or not. Sunny discovers that the Abbotts are nearby after they enter the home of the Healer. He leaves to go and find M. K. so that M. K. can leave with him and Sunny can keep his promise. Quinn meets with the Widow, but he doesn't come alone. She offers an alliance and the death of the other barons.

Quinn leaves without really giving her an answer so it remains to be seen whether or not they will join forces to defeat the barons.

Sunny manages to find M. K. just before the Abbotts get to him. It results in an epic battle between Sunny and Abbott 1. M. K. and Ava join in the fight. Sunny tells Ava and M. K. to call on their dark powers, but M. K. says that his powers don't work anymore. The Abbotts manifest their dark powers and another fight begins. Ava lands on a post sticking out of the ground, but she manages to kill one of the Abbotts before she collapses and dies. Bajie arrives, admits he was once an Abbott and begins to fight Abbott 1. Sunny finishes him off instead with a slice to the head. The Widow returns Veil to Quinn, and Sunny collapses.

Will he survive and rescue Veil from Quinn? "Into the Badlands" airs at 10:00 p.m. on Sundays on AMC.