Throughout the entire 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump clashed with various Hollywood stars. While many celebrities have spoken out against the president, none have been as vocal as legendary actor Robert De Niro.

De Niro on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced his campaign for president, he quickly received backlash for referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." During the next year and a half, the more left-leaning Hollywood made their case against the former host of "The Apprentice," using their popularity in an attempt to derail his campaign.

Even recent award shows have turned into a platform to bash Trump over his policy proposals and rhetoric whether he likes it or not. While their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, Hollywood has not backed down in voicing their opposition to the new commander in chief. As reported by Fox 5 in New York on April 5, Robert De Niro is still not a fan of Trump.

(De Niro's comments start at 00:50 in the above video.)

Robert De Niro was in New York City to promote this year's TriBeCa Film Festival and sat down with the local Fox affiliate on Wednesday. While speaking to reporter Rosanna Scotto, the award-winning actor was asked about his current feelings on Donald Trump and the job he's done since being sworn into office last January.

“I can't articulate it well enough other than to say it's ridiculous. It's idiotic," Robert De Niro said of Donald Trump. "This is guy has sullied the presidency, he's debased the presidency," the actor continued, before adding, "It's just beyond surreal what this guy has done." In regards to his previous criticism of the billionaire real estate mogul, De Niro stands by every word he's said in the past.

"He's a mutt," Di Niro said in regards to Trump, while concluding, "Every word I said then I mean today. He has not changed."

Next up

Though Donald Trump has toned down his war of words with Hollywood stars since moving into the White House, celebrity critics of the president don't appear willing to back down anytime soon. With people like Robert De Niro sounding off, the president won't be making friends on the red carpet at any point in the near future.