Heather Dubrow actually left “The Real Housewives of orange county,” which shocked the fans. Now it sounds like they will do anything they can to get her back on the show. Radar Online is sharing that Heather got a secret offer from Bravo because they really want her back on the show again. It sounds like they will do whatever it takes to get Heather back on the show again. They know that she is great for ratings and having her back at least once in a while would be a good thing.

What is Heather Dubrow doing now?

Heather actually appeared on the show “Young and Hungry” recently.

In this show, she has an acting job, and it isn’t a reality show. The character that she played doesn’t appear to be someone that will be on the show long-term, but she could show back up again. She is playing a character that could possibly be on the show even more if they wanted her to. Heather did a great job of acting on the series.

A source close to production says that Heather Dubrow was actually offered an option to do both shows, but she didn’t want to do it. The source even said that they offered Heather the chance to have a friend role. It didn’t end up happening, though. The source said, “Her contract was different than the other housewives because the other ladies are under a contract that forbids them from working on other projects while on RHOC.” This was a contract none of the other girls were offered, but this secret contract was offered to Heather, even though she turned it down.

The source went on to explain that Heather Dubrow has shared that she doesn’t need the show “The Real Housewives Of Orange County” to succeed. The source even said that Heather shared that she was only on the show to help try and launch her acting career. It does appear like it might have worked for her seeing she is doing an acting job now.

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