“Grey’s Anatomy” fans have discussed the upcoming episode for the last week, sharing their thoughts about the idea of a plane disaster. Meredith and Riggs will be on the same commercial flight, as it appears to hit severe turbulence. It’s clear from the trailers that Meredith will suffer some stress, remembering the last time she was in a plane disaster.

It turns out that Meredith isn’t the only one with an uncomfortable feeling about flying. Riggs has also been involved in a plane accident. In the Sneak Peek for “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13, Episode 20 fans get to find out his experience and how it lives up to Meredith’s.

Meredith and Riggs bond over a shared experience

It’s not often that people can share experiences of surviving plane crashes. In “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9, Cristina was able to bond with Dr. Craig Thomas after he shared how he had been involved in a plane crash when he was serving in the military. Now Meredith will find someone to bond with over a similar type of event.

In the sneak peek, the plane hits turbulence and Riggs and Meredith both share that they’re uncomfortable fliers. At the same time, they share that they were involved in a plane crash. This is the perfect time for them to bond, and Meredith shares a glossed over version of how people died and Arizona lost her leg—probably something that wasn’t her place to share, but it’s quickly overlooked.

Riggs wishes he didn’t share his experience in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Soon after, Riggs realizes that his plane crash experience isn’t something that lives up to Meredith’s. He decides not to tell her, only to be pushed into the story. He was a teenager when he took his friend’s dad’s dust cropper out and got it off the ground. They crash landed and while nobody was hurt, the feeling of falling through the sky is something he will never forget.

It’s surprising that this is his story. Most “Grey’s Anatomy” would expect to hear about a time in the military. However, it is a chance for Meredith to tell him that the two experiences don’t compare and will clearly become a bonding moment between the two of them.

While all this happens, other passengers around them sleep and ignore the whole conversation.

The woman next to them seems oblivious to the whole conversation, which likely wouldn’t happen in real life. Most people would listen into a conversation like that, especially with the plane hitting turbulence.

The plane will hit more turbulence and a person is seen flying up into the air and hitting the overhead compartments, before landing hard back on the ground. This is likely going to be a medical emergency that Meredith and Riggs will need to work together on to help. “Grey’s Anatomy” airs on Thursday at 8pm on ABC, with Chandra Wilson directing.