Alright, guys. Last night, we got the new promo/spoiler clip (below) in from ABC for their upcoming "Grey's Anatomy" episode 21 of the current season 13. It shows some pretty interesting stuff, mostly because Maggie is spotted, getting upset again. This time, it's over seeing Nathan reveal his affection for Meredith. We've also got a big press conference scene where Nathan is spotted, giving Meredith all the glory, and she gets a huge round of applause. There's a restroom scene, featuring Meredith, feeling pretty worried that Maggie will hate her, and more!

As previously reported, this episode has been labeled: "Don't Stop Me Now."

She is your story

The new clip starts off,letting us know ,in all bold, that they're airing this thing on April 27th,2017 instead of next week on April 20th, so be sure to get ready for that. Next, they give us a scene that features Nathan and Meredith in action. Nathan is spotted, saying to the press that Meredith was incredible and that she is your story. From there, she's spotted, getting a huge round of applause from the crowd that's on hand. After that, they reveal that the huge secret about them two, will be out for Maggie to see, and she doesn't look too happy about it at all. She's seen, giving a very disturbing stare as she watches Nathan touch Meredith's shoulder with affection.

Maggie was about to take a little snap shot, but all that quickly ended.

She's Going to hate me

After that, we get a bathroom scene with Meredith. She's seen, saying to herself: "Oh, she's going to hate me." So, that storyline looks like it has the potential to give us some more heavy drama, moving forward. The clip finally caps off, giving us another glimpse at an upset Maggie.

Maggie character getting some backlash

Most of the Youtube comments about this clip, are pretty negative about Maggie. They expressed that they don't really care about her and how she feels. They're also pretty sick of most of these storylines, revolving around her character. They said that they are very happy for Meredith and Nathan.

So, it really seems like the fans really just want Maggie to get out of the picture on this one, and in general. Anyways, be sure to check this new preview clip out, below, and stay tuned.

Again, we won't be seeing the new episode 21 hit the airwaves until Thursday night, April 27th,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. We're expecting ABC to eventually serve up another two, sneak peek clips before episode 21 airs. They'll most likely drop sometime next week, since there won't be a new episode next week. We're not really sure why there's no new episode next week. We just know that there won't be one.