Camilla Luddington has given birth to her first baby. The “Grey’s Anatomy” actress welcomed daughter Hayden into the world, sharing the news on her Instagram page to her followers. The actress hasn’t been seen in the medical drama for a while, and it is likely because she has been on maternity leave.

Camilla Luddington shared everything on Instagram

Luddington views her fans as a family to her. She told them all that she was expecting her first baby back in October, saying that a baby would be arriving in spring 2017. Spring has arrived and fans have been anxiously waiting for news about the new arrival.

She shared it Tuesday to her followers, with a photo of her and her husband cradling the newborn. After that, she shared a bracelet with a H on it, noting the initial of her daughter’s name.

This is the first child for the “Grey’s Anatomy” actress and her husband Matthew Alan. She shared in February that they had only just started trying for a baby and quickly fell pregnant. When someone joked on the TV set about feeling faint and being pregnant, she took a test and was ecstatic that it came out positive.

Spot the bump on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Despite her very real pregnancy, Luddington’s character Jo Wilson wasn’t pregnant on the show. The writers decided to hide the bump, although fans quickly noted that this wasn’t done very well.

There were numerous occasions where the bump was clearly visible, especially in some of the most recent episodes. It led to fans questioning whether her character would find out she was pregnant on the show or if they had missed something.

Luddington isn’t the only “Grey’s Anatomy” actress to be pregnant while filming. Most recently, Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia, on the show had a baby.

The pregnancy was covered and Scorsone took time out of filming for maternity leave. Jessica Capshaw has been pregnant three times while filming the medical drama and Ellen Pompeo once. Their pregnancies were hidden with handbags and scrubs that were too big.

Only a handful of times have pregnancies been included in the storytelling.

When Chandra Wilson was pregnant, it was written in for her character Bailey in season 2. Most recently, Sarah Drew’s pregnancy was written into season 11, which included the heartbreaking death of April and Jackson’s baby Samuel.

It is unclear when Luddington’s character will return, but many fans suspect towards the end of the season. Fans expect her abusive husband to turn up, which will require her character on “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13.