Singer and songwriting legend Glen Campbell has been courageously battling Alzheimer's disease since 2011, and his wife Kim reveals things are getting worse for the "Rhinestone Cowboy" hitmaker. Campbell, who just celebrated his 81st birthday on Saturday, April 22 is now in the later stages of the crippling and heartbreaking disease according to his wife Kim.

Glen Campbell's condition continues to worsen

Kim reveals that Glen is in late stage six to early stage seven adding it is hard to tell because the stages tend to overlap. She describes a typical day in the life of Glen Campbell stating that Glen no longer recognizes time or place, he just lives each day in the moment and his wife claims he appears to be very happy and content.

Some days he just laughs and sings, and it does not seem to matter whether or not anyone is there to hear him or not. One thing Kim claims she has learned throughout her husband's disease is just how much he has inspired her with his peace and contentment, something she admits she wants is qualities she wants to add to her own life.

Glen Campbell peaceful and content according to wife

Sadly, it is not known for sure whether Glen is able to fully recognize anyone anymore one of the saddest parts of the disease for family members and friends. Kim reveals she hopes she will continue to get a glimpse of what she believes is Glen remembering her from time to time. It is one of the things she clings to most.

As days pass it is revealed that the siner continues to become more distant and unaware. It is rully a sad thing for anyone, and their family members to go through. At this time there is no cure, but te world awaits anxiously that one day someone will find a cure for this cruel and unkind disease.

Unfortunately, Glen Campbell's illness has brought a few family feuds between his children and wife.

Campbell's children have previously spoken out publicly accusing their step-mother of keeping them from their dying father. Glen doesn’t realize he’s never going home again they claim and they want to spend as much time as possible with their father.

This is not the only case of brutal family battles between family members in similar cases.

The children of the late Casey Kasem made similar accusations in a nasty family battle surrounding their famous father's illness and estate. As previously reported, long ago love Tanya Tucker recently revealed she had made unsuccessful attempts to contact Glen during his hospitalization.Tanya still refers to Glen fondly, describing their relationship as "a love that will never be again."

It is a sad situation for all involved, it is just too bad that the family can't come to some friendly terms for all especially for Glen Campbell. Our thoughts and well wishes remain with Glen during these difficult days.