Tanya Tucker has been hospitalized and forced to postpone a few of her upcoming tour dates.The "Delta Dawn" hitmaker reportedly experienced a nasty fall while on tour early last week, leaving the singer with a fractured vertebrae and injured rib. The bad luck doesn't stop there for Tucker, who, while being treated for her injuries, was also diagnosed with a severe case of bronchitis.

Tucker's rep released a statement updating fans on her recent condition, confirming that Tucker had been admitted to a Texas hospital and is undergoing breathing treatments and physical therapy, and at this time does not require surgery.

However, rumors are that Tanya's health crisis is more serious than revealed.

Fans concerned over Tanya Tucker's health issues

It has been speculated on social media that some believe that the singer's recent health issues could be a result of a more serious illness, more serious than a fractured vertebrae and case of bronchitis, and that at this time Tanya Tucker is choosing to keep her health status private. However, at this time no such details have been officially confirmed.

Recent reports state that Tanya's health issues began last March when she was first diagnosed with "bronchitis." So far, Tanya Tucker has been forced to postpone three dates on her tour in Kansas and Oklahoma, but has promised fans that she will be rescheduling the dates as soon as possible.

Glen Campbell a love Tanya Tucker will never forget

Tanya Tucker first captured the hearts of country music fans in 1972 at the tender age of 13. Throughout many successful years in the music industry, Tucker has been romantically linked to big name entertainers, including Glen Campbell, Merle Haggard, Andy Gibb, and actor, Don Johnson.

But it was her explosive relationship with Glen Campbell that garnered the most media attention.

Tucker's explosive, drug and alcohol infused, on-again, off-again romance with Glen Campbell kept the media quite busy in the early 80s. Despite the issues Campbell and Tucker experienced during their time together, Tanya still refers to Glen fondly, describing their relationship as "a love that will never be again."