'Once Upon a Time' opens with Hook trapped in Neverland, and Prince Charming and Snow White are trapped under a curse where one of them is asleep all the time. Charming pleads with Regina to Break The Curse because Emma will need all her family in order to defeat the Black Fairy.

Flashback to the original curse and finding Emma

In a flashback to the original curse, Prince Charming, as David, is in a coma. Snow White, as Mary Margaret, has been visiting David in the hopes that he will wake up. She brings him a magic flower, and he awakes from the curse.

Once awoken, he holds hands with Mary Margaret and wakes her from the curse so she remembers she is Snow White.

In current day Storybrooke, Regina and Zelena create a magic potion to try and break the sleeping curse on Snow White and Prince Charming. They immerse the two halves of their heart in a potion to break it. The Wicked Queen built a fail-safe into it, and if they can't find an antidote, David and Mary Margaret will be asleep for good.

The Black Fairy, his mother, appears in Rumplestiltskin's shop. Gideon is with her, and she has Rumple's dagger. Her goal is to get Rumple to join her so they can be a family. In the time of the dark curse, David appears in Rumple's shop and demands to know where Emma has gone after David put her in the wardrobe.

They find her using pixie dust and discover that reuniting with Emma while she is still a child will keep them from breaking the dark curse in the future.

Can Hook get back to Emma in time to defeat the Black Fairy?

Hook is stuck in Neverland with the Lost Boys. He is rescued by Tiger Lily. She holds him captive. Tiger Lily has a way to beat the Black Fairy, and she gives the piece of driftwood to Hook.

Together they plan to attack the Lost Boys' camp and get the magic left by Pan that can return Hook to Emma.

In Storybrooke, Emma and Snow White are looking for the cure to Prince Charming and Snow White's curse. They find the Black Fairy in the midst of a field of pixie flowers. The flowers only grow in the presence of great evil.

Gideon destroys the flowers. Emma and Snow White manage to find one. Hook and Tiger Lily attempt to retrieve the magic they need while Tiger Lily reveals she was once a fairy and sought refuge in Neverland after running from the Black Fairy and giving up her wings.

Emma and Snow White find enough of the pixie flower to make a potion to break the curse on Snow White and Prince Charming. Using the potion, Emma is able to bring Hook back to Storybrooke, and he proposes. Regina discovers that they can break the curse on Snow White and Prince Charming if the townspeople share the curse. Although it's risky, the townspeople agree, and Snow White and Prince Charming are awakened. 'Once Upon a Time' has been renewed for another season so fans will get a chance to see if Snow White and Prince Charming finally get their happy ending.