Ever since he was sworn into office, Donald Trump has run into issues when it comes to some of his most controversial executive orders. When it comes to immigration, the president has run into legal issues, which he now plans to take care off on his own.

Trump on the court

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made a lot of promises to his supporters, which helped propel him to the Republican nomination and later the upset win over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last November. One of the most talked about issues in Trump's campaign was his plans on immigration, dealing with border security and international terrorism.

The former host of "The Apprentice" spoke about deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants, making Mexico pay for a proposed border wall, as well as enacting a possible ban on Muslims from Middle Eastern countries where there is a high rate of terrorist activity. Since his inauguration, Trump has attempted to push through multiple executive orders, including his now infamous "Muslim ban," as well as his plan to defund sanctuary cities of their federal funding. After the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Trump in each case, the president is now deciding to take drastic measures, as reported by The Hill on April 26.

During an interview with the Washington Examiner on Wednesday, Donald Trump threatened to break up the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for ruling against him.

When asked if he thought about breaking up the court, Trump replied, "Absolutely, I have." "There are many people who want to break up the Ninth Circuit," Trump continued, before adding, "It's outrageous."

Donald Trump then accused the court of being partisan in their opposition against him, making it an easy place to go for his critics to oppose his policies.

"Everybody immediately runs to the 9th Circuit," Trump claimed, while adding, "They immediately run to the 9th Circuit because they know that's like, semi-automatic."

Moving forward

In addition to his comments to the Washington Examiner, Donald Trump also took out his frustrations with a series of Twitter message where he once again doubled down on attacking the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

"They used to call this 'judge shopping!'" the billionaire real estate mogul tweeted out early Wednesday morning. Trump went on to label the judicial system a "Messy system" in the process, while saying he is ready to take their ruling to the Supreme Court. As of press time, it's unknown what further steps Trump will take to follow through with his threat, but it's clear he's not willing to sit by and be defeated over his proposals and executive orders.