House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has come under fire over the last week ever since he appeared to break protocol and released information about the committee's investigation into Russia with Donald Trump. Backlash quickly followed, including from actor George Takei who is potentially looking to take his opposition to the next level.

Takei's challenge

Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president back in June 2015, the overwhelming majority of Hollywood stars have voiced their opposition. Whether it's his controversial rhetoric, questionable policy proposals, or late-night Twitter rants, the mostly left-leaning celebrities have used their popularity to push back against the former host of "The Apprentice." While there have been many that have spoken out against the new president, actor George Takei has been among the most vocal, using his more than two million Twitter followers to hit back against the administration on a daily basis.

Following the aforementioned incident with Devin Nunes, Takei confirmed a report from the Daily Buzz on April 1 that he intends to run against the House Intel Chair for his congressional seat in 2018.

"Well, the cat's out of the bag it seems. Let's do this!" George Takei wrote on Twitter early Saturday morning, while using the hashtag "#Takei2018." The tweet was also accompanied by an article from the The Daily Buzz who scored an exclusive interview with the former Star Trek actor. "Well, I guess the jig is up," Takei told the website, before explaining, "With what is going on now in the country, I couldn’t stand by any longer merely as a citizen." "I knew I had to take a bigger stand.

So that’s why I’m running for Congress," he continued, while noting, "My hope is to challenge Devin Nunes for his seat in 2018."

April Fool's?

Speculation quickly followed about George Takei's potential senate run with many wondering if it was an April Fool's joke. However, the Daily Kos picked up on the story and reported it's legitimacy.

Describing Devin Nunes as the "disgraced head of the House Intelligence Committee," the website noted that Takei will be running in 2018, unless the actor reveals that it's all a prank over the next 24 hours.