Everyone has loved seeing Jodie Sweetin on "Fuller House, " and it turns out that she has another new show coming. She will be on the show "Hollywood Darling," which will start airing on April 12. This will air on the channel Pop TV and is being called an unscripted docu-comedy series. This show stars Jodie Sweetin of "Fuller House," Beverley Mitchell of "7th Heaven" and Christine Lakin from "Step by Step."

What can you expect from "Hollywood Darlings"?

In a preview, the girls are seen enjoying a drink that Christine says is her favorite and is a great detox.

She then explains that it is made with charcoal and Jodie obviously isn't a fan of the drink. Jodie says it "tastes like camping" and sends the drink over to Beverley Mitchell. From just this short preview clip, you can see that "Hollywood Darlings" is going to be a hilarious show.

Next, a huge fan comes up to talk to them and is really excited. She has no idea who Christine Lakin is and just wanted to come over to meet the other two girls. She thought it was great that they were friends in real life. Christine even took a selfie on the fans phone so that later she might realize who she is and have it on her phone.

This isn't all that is going on with Jodie Sweetin right now. It was recently revealed that she has split from her fiance and is moving on alone as a single mother.

She seems to be doing great, though. Jodie Sweetin shared on Instagram thanking everyone for reaching out to her. After that she said, "t’s definitely been a roller coaster, but with amazing family, friends and fans, I’ll be just fine! These two little loves are my everything and we will make it through! Thank you for all the love!” It sounds like Jodie Sweetin has a lot of support from her fans and they are going to love seeing her on this new show.

Are you excited to see Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell and Christine Lakin on the show "Hollywood Darlings"? Don't miss their new show "Hollywood Darlings" when it starts airing on April 12 on Pop TV. So far, this show looks like it will be a hit.