"Soaps In Depth" released a spoiler alert Friday. "General Hospital" fan favorites Robin Scorpio Drake and Emma Drake will soon return. The mother and daughter portrayed by Kimberly Mccullough and Brooklyn Rae Silzer, have just wrapped up taping.

GH executive producer Frank Valentini tweeted a photo of himself with Silzer and McCullough, so it's official. This is exciting news for viewers who love when these two return to town.

The Nurses Ball

Robin was on screen not long ago, when her mother Anna Devane found out she had a rare but treatable form of cancer.

Emma has not been on the show for a while. It was hinted at in the "Soaps In Depth" article, that the duo is most likely returning for the annual GH Nurses Ball, which began in 1994.

Lucy Coe is the mastermind behind this fundraiser for AIDs research. Every year something outrageous happens. Most often it is Lucy ending up in her under ware. One year Richard Simmons was a guest for the event. On another occasion, Robin who was thought to be dead, returned to the ball just as her husband Patrick was proposing to Sabrina Santiago. There is always a lot of talent showcased at the Nurses Ball. And "General Hospital" cast members who are not on screen a lot, usually show up and play a part.

The Scorpio Drake Family

Kimberly McCullough began her career as GH's Robin, at the age of 7. She has played the role off and on since 1985. Silzer has been portraying Emma since 2011. The fans love both actresses. It would be wonderful if they could be regulars on the show again. In the storyline, Robin who is HIV positive was infected by her then boyfriend Stone Cates.

Stone died from the illness, but Robin continues to thrive in spite of it. She began dating Dr. Patrick Drake and became pregnant with Emma when his condom broke. Neither Emma nor Patrick tested positive for the virus.

Emma's grandma and Robin's mom Anna was a spy. Growing up Robin often was in the middle of danger. Recently Robin was kidnapped by Oliva Jerome, who it turned out did not die 20 years ago.

Little Emma thus far has been safe from the drama. Now that she is on a recurring status, it's not likely that she will be involved with any of the secret agent story lines that include her grandma.

Patrick Drake Robin's husband and Emma's dad does not return to GH with them. His portrayer, Jason Thompson, is now playing Billy Abbot on "The Young and the Restless." For a season Silzer as Emma, remained on GH, spending time with Anna. It's highly unlikely that the role of Patrick will be recast. Therefore the Drake family will stay in California. Fans will have to appreciate Robin and Emma when they can.