"Captain Marvel" might not be the first female superhero to hit the big screen solo (or accompanied by friends, as Marvel tends to do often), but she may be the most important. So far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been lacking strong female characters. They attempted to give Black Widow a backstory, even though it turned out borderline misogynist, and Scarlet Witch was introduced alongside her brother Quicksilver, meeting with much controversy over the rights of 20th Century Fox (and the inclusion of mutants). The Wasp was almost introduced in "Ant-Man," though it was in a post-credits scene and it wasn't known yet if Evangeline Lilly would actually be back to wear the suit.

There was also the laughable "Catwoman," in which Halle Berry basically ended up being little more than a cat-obsessed activist with parkour skills. It was such a deviation from the DC Comics character we knew that it was almost guaranteed to be buried in "Razzie" nominations.

"Captain Marvel" is set to start a new trend of giving female heroes a more respected spotlight, which in the age of social justice is bound to get support from feminists and comic book fans alike. Even the comics have taken a turn toward diversity in recent years, turning Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor female.

Ronda Rousey had wanted to play the role in 'Captain Marvel'

In initial talks, UFC superstar Ronda Rousey had been championing the cause of being the first female superhero to have her own respectable movie.

She'd even taken to Twitter to post images of herself in costume. However, possibly due to her crushing defeats since then, she had been replaced before Marvel even considered her.

Rousey seemed to be the logical choice, at the time being the undefeated champion of her ranking in the UFC. Combine that prowess with powers to rival Scarlet Witch, and she might have had the chance.

On the other hand, her appearances in "The Expendables 3" and "Furious 7" didn't really show off much acting range.

Brie Larson conquered all when it came to playing the infamous role

Coming from "Room" and the almost claustrophobic gangster film "Free Fire," Brie Larson has proven she can carry a scene. There are also rumors that she will be making her debut a lot like "Spider-Man" and The Wasp did, as part of a larger group.

We might see her in the role of Carol Danvers when the Avengers finally take on Thanos and stop him from collecting the Infinity Stones.

With "Infinity War" currently under production, we might see Larson in action before her solo debut in trailers, possibly going toe to toe with Josh Brolin's mega-villain. She really is that powerful.

Are you excited to see Brie Larson portray the most powerful female superhero to have her own movie?