Carly is hopping mad on ABC's "General Hospital," but is she angry enough to move to a different country? That could very well be the case. Sonny Corinthos called immigration to have Jax deported to get him far away from Port Charles as possible since having him arrested didn't do the trick. It could very well backfire on Sonny as Jax wants Carly and Joss to leave with him. Carly did look a little shocked when he suggested it, but she may just be ready to high-tail it out of Port Charles.

A big move for Carly?

Jax bought himself a little time to get things together before he is to leave to go back to his home country of Australia.

The immigration officer showed up at the door and told him that he is no longer welcome in the U.S. Carly knew right away that her soon-to-be ex was the one who did it. They hashed it out and Carly left ready to seek revenge on Sonny.

She has had enough of Sonny's plot to get back at Jax for setting the whole Nelle thing in motion. He blames Jax for messing up his whole life, including sleeping with Carly. "General Hospital" spoilers say that Sonny will eventually move onto someone else very soon, so Carly may just take Jax up on his offer to go live with him in Australia as well.

However, the more likely scenario will be that she will stay in Port Charles for now. Although, Carly could leave with him temporarily and then come back home soon after.

Soap Central says that she will make a life altering decision and moving away to another country would definitely fit into a huge decision.

The Corinthos tug of war

More "General Hospital" spoilers hint that Carly will make some trouble for Sonny after what he did to Jax.

She has had enough and this means war. Rumor has it that she goes after him financially and this is where Diane Miller comes in. She is Sonny's lawyer and she may have some bad news waiting for him this upcoming week.

Sonny and Carly have been at war many times before and they may eventually get back together later down the road but for now, she is hitting him where it hurts.

She will not like it when he ends up in another woman's arms, as "General Hospital" spoilers say will happen. It sure sounds like revenge is the name of the game with those two. How far will they go before they decide enough is enough?

Goodbye to Jax

Unfortunately, Jax is expected to leave Port Charles again. Josslyn will not be happy. She was really upset when he got arrested and now that he is being deported back to Australia, she will hate Sonny even more for taking her dad away from her.

Sonny and Carly may be over for good this time. Of course, that is what they always say, but they seem to find their way back to each other after a while. Will you be sad to see Jax leave Port Charles again? Should Carly leave with him to Australia?