Finn Balor is slowly returning to form as he resumes his run on WWE Raw. Right now, his roadmap seems sketchy with no clear opponent since he came back from his torn labrum injury.

Before he went down to injury, Finn Balor made a promise to immediately target the WWE Universal title he never officially lost in the ring. But with Brock Lesnar holding the title, it seems like an obvious mismatch that could render more severe injury.

Will Finn Balor be at WWE Payback?

WWE Payback happens on April 30, and it remains to be seen if Balor will have a match.

The chances are that he will be that seems undefined so far.

He has so far had three matches, the first of which was his team-up with Seth Rollins against Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. Rollins vs. Joe seems to be the new feud brewing while Owens has already moved to WWE SmackDown.

After that, Rollins faced Jinder Mahal (and reportedly got injured for it) and then faced Curt Hawkins in the April 17 edition of Raw. Mahal and Hawkins hardly qualify as top stars in the WWE so the “Demon King” inadvertently doesn’t have a storyline to tell.

Finn Balor next match molding new feud

With no credible storyline, for now, the scenario may change come the April 24 edition of WWE Raw. But even with the WWE shake up, most of the wrestlers on the roster have been tied up to other scripts.

Regardless, something is bound to happen, and the former Universal Champion is expected to play face. Could the next date with Lesnar be in the cards?

The Balor Club waiting in the wings

For quite some time, the WWE universe has been anticipating the possible formation of the Balor Club. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are the reigning Raw tag team champion but heel wrestlers.

Seeing the “Demon King” playing face, an alliance is unlikely for now.

Though seemingly impossible for now, such could happen at some point. This could materialize once Balor can establish a run as a face, meaning a heel-turn is inevitable. It could happen once he regains the Universal title, joining forces with Anderson and Gallows for the much awaited Balor Club.

Some may call it impossible or one that will take time. Had it not for his injury, the Balor Club would have been assembled by now. It will eventually happen, and a lot of it depends on the element of time.

If not a championship run, it could be a spurred by an impending feud. The former members of Shield are all on RAW (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose), hinting at a feud between factions happening soon.