Lab technician Brad Cooper on "General Hospital" has it in for Dr. Finn. He snitched to hospital chief of staff Monica Quartermaine that the good doc was using drugs. Brad was hoping Finn would be fired. Instead, the doctor was reduced to consulting at the hospital and must take random drug tests to prove he is clean. Viewers cringed on Friday, when Brad was the one to take Dr. Finn's urine sample to the lab. And it looks like the viewers' suspicions were correct. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Dr. Finn's urine sample will come back dirty.

Brad just can't do right

Brad Cooper is the guy who just cannot do right. He is angry because he helped Dr. Finn with his cure for a rare disease, and was promised he would share in the profits. Dr. Finn ended up giving all the money to the hospital to help them stay open. Brad needed the money, so he and his husband, Dr. Lucas Jones could purchase a home. He threatened Dr. Finn but it did no good.

That's when the Lab Tech ran to Monica hoping to get a raise. When he found out there was no money for raises at this time, he snitched. He told Monica that Dr. Finn was using drugs and had done so in the hospital, and had been under the influence while on the clock and treating patients. Because Dr.

Finn was not fired, Brad just had to get even. Now he is going to risk his job by tainting a lab sample so it will look as if Dr. Finn is still using drugs. Brad is sneaky, but this time his actions just might backfire on him.

The character of Brad has been written in such a way, that should he leave "General Hospital" and Port Charles, people will probably breathe a sigh of relief.

Some characters are written so that the viewers love to hate them. And in time they are changed in ways that cause them to be loved. Brad Cooper is not one of those characters. There does not seem to be any redeeming qualities in him.

When the truth comes out

It's obvious Brad was not thinking ahead. Dr. Finn knows he is clean, and he will get to the bottom of this issue.

He may be fired first. And it could be no one will believe him initially, but in time the truth will come out. Brad will lose his job and then will most certainly not be able to afford a house. He will bring shame to himself and his beloved Lucas. That will be his reward for acting without thinking.

This will not be Brad's first time meddling with people's lives. Years ago he and Britta tampered with lab results, and fooled Dr. Patrick Drake into believing she was pregnant with his child. Brad should have been thankful to keep his job, and determined not to make the same mistake again. It's obvious he is not thinking clearly because he is about to lose his job, and perhaps even his marriage.