Since he has been fired from Fox News, Bill O’Reilly spoke for the first time on his “No Spin News” podcast on his personal website, This was his second public broadcast since he left the media company last week.

The 67-year-old journalist has been dismissed from the network because of Sexual Harassment accusations by several women. On the podcast, he talked about his dismissal and revealed that the Truth behind all the allegations against him would come out.

The truth to surprise everyone

O’Reilly started his podcast with a statement about his exit from Fox News.

The author admitted that he is sad for not being on television anymore and very surprised at how things turned out for him and his career. However, he, then, cut talking about his departure as there are so many things going on about it right now.

“But I can tell you that I’m very confident the truth will come out,” he revealed. He even dared that when the truth finally come in the open, he is not sure if it will make everyone surprise, but he is very sure that they will be shaken just like how he feels. He also revealed that there are a lot of “stuff,” actually, involved in the issue.

He, then, has to stop his message as he said that he doesn’t want to induce how the information flows. The television host, too, is avoiding that the media will misunderstand his statements.

He also has a message for his fans and followers, promising that they have the right to know the truth and that will happen along the way, revealing they are now working on it.

The journalist’s first statement

Moreover, the time that O’Reilley got fired came after the New York Times exposé. The publication claimed that he and Fox News had silently fixed agreements with the five women that filed sexual complaints against him.

According to reports, the settlements reached a total of about $13 million.

In fact, the most recent podcast of the political commentator was the second time he spoke about the incident. The first one was when he revealed his announcement after he parted ways with the network after 20 years.

O’Reilley recalled how he proudly started and led “one of the most successful news programs in history.” He even said that his show helped to build the network to be the leading news company on television today.

He also admitted that it was a tremendous heartbreak that he had to part ways with the network because of the totally baseless allegations against him. However, he just has to live with it, saying that it is one of the sad realities that many public figures like him have to go through.