There is lots of heartbreak on "General Hospital" lately with the split of a fan-favorite couple, Sonny and carly Corinthos. It all began with a big lie that involved saving one daughter's life years ago, which in turn ruined another daughter's life. That young girl grew up to take revenge on Carly thinking that she was the cause of it all. Now that Nelle Hayes (Benson) is trying to make it right, it may be too late for Carson.

Nelle finally spills the truth

Jax came back to town and has spilled his guts on how he was responsible for buying the kidney to save Josslyn's life.

Now everyone knows the truth, but there is another lie that needs to be told and that is about to be spilled as well. On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," Nelle went to Sonny to tell him the truth that they didn't sleep together and that she drugged him so he wouldn't remember that night.

After learning that her father, Frank Benson, was the one who was lying to her all this time and not Carly, Nelle wants to finally make it right. However, it looks like it may be too late for that. At the exact same moment that she has chosen to confess her sins to Sonny, Jax and Carly were seen passionately kissing.

From Carson to CarJax?

Yes, Carly has been down this road before. The last time Jax was in town, they shared a kiss, but it stopped before anything happened that they would regret.

This time may be different. As far as Carly is concerned, her marriage to Sonny is over. She thinks that he slept with Nelle and never told her the truth and now she is hurt and angry. Now Jax is staying there with her and Josslyn, which makes for a rather sticky situation, but it was bound to happen eventually.

Now that Nelle is spilling the beans on what really happened that night, it may be way too late for Sonny and Carly if she and Jax take it further.

In fact, "General Hospital" spoilers for the next few days say that Sonny will be having a bad week. It sounds like once Nelle confesses the truth to him, he will go to tell Carly and that is when he sees his wife with Jax. Will he see them in a compromising situation or will they stop before anything else is started?

Revenge time

There has always been an ongoing feud between Jax and Sonny and it always has to do with either Brenda Barrett or Carly. This time he will take revenge on Jax. Of course, just because Nelle told the truth and that she and Sonny never did the dirty deed, it doesn't mean that Carly would get back with her mobster husband. She was more upset by the fact that he lied to her instead of telling her the truth more than that he cheated on her. So, even though the truth is now out, it doesn't mean that she would go back to him, but at least there would have been a chance.

It is all one big mess and it looks like Carson will no longer be a couple. More "General Hospital" spoilers down the road say that Sonny will be getting a new love in his life, so maybe CarJax will be on again after all. Are you ready for Sonny and Carly to move on?