A small group of people in Lansing, Michigan is launching their first, independent full-length feature film next month under the name Muted Madness Films. “UFO: The Otis Files” is described as a mockumentary, telling the tale of a rather simple man by the name of Otis, whose life changes after he sees the body of an alien in his shed. Otis is played by indie horror film star David C. Hayes. The Oakland Press says the film is described as being a mix-up of “Trailer Park Boys” and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Utilizing Michigan’s talent in the UFO mockumentary

The script was reportedly the first of its kind to be written by screenwriter Trico J.

Lutkins. Lutkins is a comic book writer and reportedly among the founding members of Source Point Press, a Michigan comic book publisher. He said that at first he only meant to write a short film. However, a couple of days into filming he and the director, Warren Jackson, just looked at each other and both realized they were on to something big. Lutkins went on to rewrite the script, adding more roles to the film with which they could utilize more of the local talent in Michigan.

Besides Hayes in the lead role as Otis, the film stars Stefani Manard, Eduardo Martin and Kasey Pierce.

This is the first time both Martin and Manard have featured in a full-length movie. Manard told Oakland Press that she was excited when Trico approached her about the role, saying she had seen the ufo mockumentary script before and had loved it. Manard added that working with Jackson was enjoyable and that the director was full of energy and always coming up with great ideas.

As for Lutkins, Manard said he has a “real eye for comedy.” He reportedly knows exactly what makes people laugh, keeping them all going in between takes. It was apparently raining during the filming and adjustments needed to be made to the story, but everything still worked out perfectly.

Martin described the filming of the UFO mockumentary as a fun experience and said everybody involved got along as if they had always been friends.

He went in to call the cast and crew “great creative people.”

Kickstarter campaign launched to pay for the theater

As reported by The News-Herald, now the UFO mockumentary is complete and ready for its premiere on May 6, the group is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $500 for the rent of the Historic Howell Theatre in Howell, Michigan. At the time of writing, they have so far raised $340 towards their goal. The campaign is offering Kickstarter supporters DVD copies of the alien movie as a reward, signed by the cast and crew. The trailer of the film can be viewed below.