Reign” isn’t known for its historical accuracy. While it tells the story of Mary, Queen of Scots, there were complaints before the CW show even aired. The costumes were wrong, Bash was introduced despite no evidence in history to support him, and the “Four Marys” were called Kenna, Greer, Lola, and Ailee. However, even history lovers will be able to enjoy “Reign,” and here are five reasons why.

It’s got the perfect love triangle

Usually, love triangles are monotonous and boring. However, “Reign” created the perfect one, as Mary fell for half-brothers Francis and Bash.

She was already betrothed to one, who wasn’t too interested in marrying her. When she felt a connection for the other brother, she started opening her heart to him. In the end she makes her choice and there are no major hard feelings. In fact, both brothers are able to remain close to one-another, something that other shows have failed to do.

There’s mystery and intrigue

Changing some of history actually helps a historically-based TV show. If everything was kept the same, there wouldn’t be drama and suspense. The changes have helped to bring mystery and intrigue to the show, allowing the characters to show more depth than is written in the textbooks. “Reign” certainly brings it all to the table from the very first episode.

There’s a darker pagan storyline

Without spoiling too much for those who chose not to watch “Reign,” there is a pagan storyline involved. While this isn’t the sole focus on the show, it is mentioned and used throughout the four year run. Even to this day there are mentions of the Scottish druids. The pagan storyline helps to bring some of the aforementioned mystery and intrigue.

Just how is the girl running around the secret tunnels in the French castle?

The actors portray their roles beautifully

Sometimes the scripts need work, but there’s no denying that the actors are excellent. Even if you just watch it for Megan Follows as Catherine de Medici, you will not be disappointed. Everyone has been cast in the perfect roles and they portray their characters with gusto.

Follows is a fan favorite, along with Adelaide Kane, Torrance Combs, and Toby Regbo.

It’s a strong female power message

It’s been a long time since a show focusing on a strong female main cast has been on the air. “Charmed” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” come to mind first. However, “Reign” has female power in every single episode, and that’s not just because it’s focused on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. While there are sometimes men behind the scenes, it’s the women (especially in season 4) calling all the shots.

Did you decide not to give “Reign” a chance at first? With the series finale almost here, now is the perfect time to watch an episode or two and give it a chance. You will not be disappointed.