After almost 100 Days in the White House, Donald Trump is suffering from his worst approval ratings since becoming a candidate for president back in June 2015. While the president has many critics, not many have been as vocal in their opposition as Dallas Mavericks owner mark cuban.

Cuban on Trump

When Donald Trump made his candidacy for president official, the initial reaction was one of speculation, curiosity, and doubt. Many even laughed off the former host of "The Apprentice," as the consensus was that Trump wouldn't last long, and that he was only doing it as a publicity stunt to increase ratings on his reality show.

While that was case at first, Trump started to gain steam, riding his momentum to a primary election win over 16 other Republican candidates. Just four months later and Trump shocked the world by defeating heavy favorite Hillary Clinton on Election Day, stunning even himself in the process. Since then, the president has faced non-stop backlash in various forms. From protests on the street, to viral social media backlash, to celebrities using their fame to call out the commander in chief, Trump has become the number one political target for a growing number of Americans. One of Trump's biggest critics has been Mark Cuban, as the billionaire and self-described political independent has been vocal in his disdain for the White House.

During a April 21 interview on CNN, Cuban elaborated further on his issue with the president.

Joining CNN hosts Alisyn Camerota and Jake Tapper for Friday morning's "New Day," Mark Cuban went off with his assessment of Donald Trump. Cuban said that he recently spoke to a friend of his who explained to him why he supported Trump, noting that the appeal of voting for a Washington outsider and not a politician was too great.

The co-host of "Shark Tank" continued, admitting that Trump was bad for the United States in many ways.

Cuban takedown

"Is he poisonous in a lot of respects? Yeah," Mark Cuban noted, before saying of Donald Trump, "this is our chemotherapy." On his overall grade of the billionaire real estate mogul, Cuban was generous, giving Trump a C-, citing his recent health care blunder and his inability to reach out and work with Democrats.

"He's not a strong manager," Cuban went on to say, before later blasting Trump for never helping people along the way during his business career. "You can't find one person that said Donald Trump mentored them," he noted.