Dj Khaled has blessed fans with yet another hot track from his upcoming star-studded album "Grateful." The latest Khaled song "I'm the One" has made its way to the internet via a music video, as well as availability for download digitally through the iTunes Music store. It features a lineup of multiple music stars from the hip-hop and pop genres collaborating on one song. It also builds anticipation for Khaled's new album which is coming in the near future. Could this new song become the hottest track for summer 2017, or will another song take the title?

Khaled's new video

The brand new music video hit VEVO and YouTube, showing off what appears to be DJ Khaled's own mansion and property. In the intro he calls up Justin Bieber and a few other friends to join him for a day of singing, rapping, dancing, watching females play around a pool, and playing some croquet.

Among the other musical superstars featured in Khaled's recent "I'm the One" are Chance the Rapper, Quavo from the rap trio Migos, and Lil Wayne. Justin Bieber sings on the chorus, letting everyone know he's the one. The video checks in at over five minutes in length but showcases the song in a fun, upbeat way that has helped Khaled succeed with other songs in the past.

The song has quickly racked up the YouTube views too as it has crossed 16 million views as of this report.

In addition to the hot new music video, the song has been made available for fans to download online.

MP3 available?

The DJ Khaled "I'm the One" MP3 or digital format is available on the iTunes Music store for download. It quickly has moved to the No. 1 spot overall o iTunes, showing how popular it is already. Savvy online YouTube aficionados may also find a YouTube to MP3 converter online to download the video as a song to enjoy, but it will feature the talking music video intro which runs about 20-30 seconds.

The latest song joins Khaled's previously released track "Shining" which features the hip-hop power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. Other artists rumored to be appearing on the upcoming Khaled album will be Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Nas, and Drake, among others. As of this report, there is no official release date for the album "Grateful," but fans are certainly getting excited for this one as Khaled's previous albums have delivered.

Music fans, what do you think of the newest song and video "I'm the One" released by DJ Khaled? Will this become the hottest track of the summer, or just hold people over until the full album drops?