Everyone loves a good Home Improvement show. There's something about watching a bare bone mess of a house turn into a masterpiece in an action-packed 42 minutes. Whether contractors are picking up clients at the local Home Depot or couples are trying to do the whole renovation on their own, America has been eating it up.

Everything's coming up DIY

One of the newest additions to the line up is "Nate & Jeremiah by Design," a TLC original starring Oprah veteran Nate Berkus and his husband Jeremiah Brent. The show premiered on April 28th, and features the married pair of designers saving families in need from their "money pit" houses, transforming them into the home of their dreams instead.

In between the walls coming down and new furniture going in, Nate and Jeremiah share snapshots of their personal life. They're often seen around their home discussing their projects, and their two-year-old daughter Poppy is an adorable bright spot in the drama of renovation on a budget.

Love is love is love...

While there's nothing original about the concept of the show, it does bring a fresh breath of air and diversity to the genre of DIY shows -- the couple's casual intimacy and easy "old married couple" banter reminds viewers that they're not any different than "Fixer Upper" couple Jo and Chip, of "Flip or Flop" couple Tarek and Christina. (Except, you know, they're happier.)

The couple will call in favors and use their connections to stay within a family's budget and still give them the homes they deserve -- nearly every episode involves a phone call to a friend or a network to try and make their vision become a reality.

In one episode, the couple even pulled furniture from their own home to treat the deserving people to the high-end products and beautiful atmosphere the couple was hoping for.

In the few episodes of the show that have aired so far, Nate and Jeremiah have given families in need the fresh start they needed, visited the park with their adorable child, the family dog, and argued over floor and tile patterns.

It all seems pretty normal. There's yet to be any major controversy or upset surrounding the visibly gay and happily couple flying around the internet. Maybe society is finally catching on that the only difference between straight people and gay people is that there isn't any difference at all.

New episodes of "Nate and Jeremiah by Design" air on Saturday nights at 9pm EST.