"Bachelor In Paradise" is getting ready for this summer's show. We have heard several casting rumors but have not had a lot of confirmations. Recently, ET Online caught up with former bachelor Chris Soules and he confirmed that production has asked him to join the cast for this summer's season of "BIP" but he is hesitant. However, it's not because he has problems with the franchise.

Chris says his time on "The Bachelor" has changed his life and opened many doors for him but has actually made finding love even harder. After proposing to Whitney Bischoff on the finale of his season, the two ended up splitting up in only a few months.

He stated that he has a couple of strikes against him now when dating. First, he lives in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, he is now apprehensive of the motivation of any woman who wants to date him. Is it for publicity or does she really want him?

So will fans see Chris in paradise?

Chris hasn't said if he will accept the invitation to "Bachelor In Paradise". He admitted that he has put on weight and doesn't have abs anymore as all the guys always do. Fans everywhere are hoping that won't stop him. His humble and down to earth personality is what made him a fan favorite among Bachelor Nation.

He shared his thoughts on being in the spotlight on "The Bachelor". He said the process was a "son of a b*tch".

The producers were spending about 15 hours per day with him. They were careful not to sway his decisions, especially at the end. With all the time they were together, they absolutely knew his intentions for coming on the show were to find a wife, not fame.

His exposure with the franchise changed his life

The Iowa farmer is surprised at how much his life has been changed by the experience.

He also says he can't believe that two years later he is still talking about it. While "The Bachelor" changed his life, it has not changed who he is. He remains the down to earth country boy that fans loved watching and would love to see again on "Bachelor In Paradise".