"What About Bob?" Maybe the question should be what about Bill Murray? The former "SNL" funnyman is over the moon about the ChicagoCubs historic World Series win but he looks under the weather. Pictures showed Murray celebrating in Chicago and from all outward appearances, he's either ill, has had a major weight loss,or both. The "Ghostbusters" star seems frail, haggard and much older than his 66 years. What's up?

Bill Murray losing weight?

Maybe he was just having a bad day, but looking at photos of Murray rejoicing over the Cubbies World Series win, he looks 20 years older than his age.

The "Ghostbusters" star's face is sagging which would suggest weight loss but he doesn't appear thinner in any other area. That sagging skin is tell-tale of having dropped pounds rapidly. The face and hands seem to be the first places to show thinner. If weight is lost in unhealthy ways such as by illness, extreme fasting, eating disordersor loss of appetite from medical treatments, the body often oddly retains fat in some areas while showing startlingly gaunt in others.

Bill Murray's scary thin face

It's not just that Murray appears so much thinner--his face looks unhealthy as if he is consistently not eating well. Back in the "Ghostbusters" days Bill was never 6-pack built or coverboy sexy. But obesity was never a problem.

He was trim and lean with a naturally youthful visage. Maybe that stark change is more startling because he was so boyishly cute. Another explanation is a drug problem. Drugs, particularly prescription painkillers or anti-depressants can create a "drug mask" with doughy, pasty complexion and swollen eyes and cheeks. Or conversely the face of drugs may be skeletal and blotchy.

Fellow "Saturday Night Live" co-star Chevy Chase has been in rehab recently to work on substance abuse problems. Murray's ex-wife claimed that Bill had drug and drinking problems when she filed for divorce.

Bill Murray hiding advancing illness?

For a long time, actor Tim Curry kept quiet about a stroke that he'd had. For years, he'd been putting on weight somewhat mysteriously.

Val Kilmerhas also been accused of having tongue cancer or a throat tumor and hiding behind his Christian Scientist faith instead of getting help. He recently lost weight and folks assumed he was getting cancer treatment. Kilmer said no, doctors declared him cancer-free and he just had some swelling issues.