Season 6 of "Basketball Wives' premieres tomorrow night and this time around, it just might be the most explosive season ever. Evelyn Lozada has rejoined her castmates and also managed to renew her feud with Tami Roman. That could spell high drama for "Basketball Wives" fans and extra challenges for the security staff who are hired to hold the brawling ladies back.

Why are Evelyn and Tami feuding?

On Season 2 of "Basketball Wives," Evelyn Lozada admitted to Tami Roman that she had also slept with Tami's ex-husband and former NBA star Kenny Anderson.

After that, the details really didn't matter regarding when and whether or not Kenny had been single at the time. Tami decided at that moment that she hated Evelyn and, as anyone who has watched Tami on reality TV knows, she can be one fierce opponent once she decides she wants your head.

Of course, things didn't get any better for the two after Tami started fussing at Evelyn over her past relations with Tami's ex-husband. She tried to make it look like Evelyn knowingly inserted herself as the other woman in her relationship. That's when Evelyn's famous line came out and any possible friendship with Tami Roman was gone forever.

Fans of "Basketball Wives" probably still remember when Evelyn, who was clearly fed up with Tami's drama and her constant comments about Evelyn's supposed promiscuity, told Tami that she is was a "non-motherf***ing factor" when it came down to her dealings with Kenny Anderson.

As Evelyn said before, she didn't know he was married to Tami Roman at the time.

How will Evelyn and Tami's old feud carry over to the new season?

If last season, which still carried the "Basketball Wives LA' title, is any indication, the feud between Evelyn and Tami could get pretty scary. It was during Season 5 of "Basketball Wives LA" that Tami took aim at Brandi Maxiell's friend DJ Duffey and while in Portugal for Jackie Christie's millionth wedding to Doug that Tami came across a table at Duffey.

Evelyn Lozada can certainly hold her own in a girl fight and she has certainly stirred up her fair share of trouble but anyone on Tami Roman's bad side really should watch their back. After watching the way Tami came after Duffey last season and the level of anger and crazy in her eyes, coupled with the amount of effort that it clearly took that beefy security guard to hold her back, it's pretty obvious that Tami could do some real damage if she got her hands on one of her cast mates.

Considering Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman's past history of feuding on "Basketball WIves," there is definitely plenty of reason to tune in for the Season 6 premiere. If there were betting odds on whether or nnot Tami and Evelyn will be making up or beating each other up, my money is on the fight.

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